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Titans of Space Review: One to Remember

Titans of Space Review: One to Remember

What is it?
Titans of Space is a virtual reality application developed by DrashVR for Oculus RIFT, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Cardboard. Functionally, it is designed to be a guided tour of the solar system. The current version (Titans of Space Classic) is free to download on all supported platforms.

My observations:
Titans of Space uses a very comfortable virtual cockpit style environment filled with objects that allow the user to feel oriented in space. Among these are a chair, monitors, and even a static virtual representation of the user’s body. These provide a frame of reference during movement in the space environment.

Graphically, Titans of Space is impressive for a smartphone-compatible VR experience but, aside from the planet surfaces, is somewhat low fidelity.

The tour is narrated well, though it likely won’t win any major documentary awards. If viewers have limited access to a headphone port, it can be very difficult to understand the narration..

Unfortunately there is no way to resume the tour where you left off if you close the application so users are limited to running it entirely in a single shot and not turning off their screens during pauses.

Who gets the most out of this?
Titans of Space would likely be very useful in a primary school setting. Elementary students would likely enjoy the sensation of being in a spaceship and flying through space though some of the narration might be lost on them. Middle and early high school students would probably get more out of the information presented.

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