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Virtual Reality

Picture of a virtual reality scene shown in stereo


Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated environment that makes you feel as though you are physically in the space. Some of you may be familiar with immersive rooms like Duke’s DIVE (http://virtualreality.duke.edu/). VR tools often include gear that is worn on your head and over your eyes so that the real physical world is out of view. The field is changing rapidly as new companies introduce products, prices decrease, and features are introduced. Educational experiences are still very limited, but gaining experience with the tools and possibilities of VR will position Duke well as the education market expands.

Project funded by DDI during 2014-2015:
“Repurposing Virtual Reality Technology for Educational Use: Molecules in Action 3D”

“Virtual Reality and Learning: The Newest Landscape for Higher Education”
“Could Virtual Reality Be the Next Big Thing in Education?”
‘Teleporting’ to Hawaii: How Virtual Reality Is Changing Travel
Experience the Pantheon in VR

Relevant Conferences:
Augmented World Expo