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Announcement: Funding for Duke faculty to use the lightboard to create educational videos during summer 2015 is available. Contact ddi-requests@duke.edu for more information.


The Duke lightboard is based on a design first developed by Michael Peshkin at Northwestern University. You can read more about Duke’s modifications to the original design: http://sites.duke.edu/ddmc/category/lightboard/. The lightboard provides a glass surface on which you can write or draw while facing the camera (and therefore your video audience). Typically it is used for creating recorded presentations (“mini-lectures” or video tutorials). It is especially well-suited for presentations of content in science or math or any discipline where writing or drawing is important. The lightboard requires videographer support and therefore is housed in the Duke Media Services (DMS) studio in the basement of the Bryan Center. Anyone in the Duke community can use the lightboard by contacting DMS (919-660-1740, t.wilson@duke.edu). Note that DMS’s usual fees apply. The lightboard is one of the specific technologies on which the 2014-2015 DDI call for proposals focuses. (See the CFP for details.)

Technical Specs and Parts List
7 Things You Should Know About Lightboard
Poster presented at EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) conference, February 2015 (PDF)

Statistics Example:

Exploring Art on the Lightboard: