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3D Video Exploration


During 2011-2012 AY, DDI investigated the feasibility of using new consumer 3D displays and video cameras in courses and student projects. As part of this investigation, we investigated whether 3D and “virtual worlds” applications could be used on consumer 3D televisions; we displayed our 3D “Exploration Station,” a 3D-enabled television with educational content preloaded for viewing by the general public;  we evaluated consumer 3D camcorders for student work at the university; and we investigated software suites for 3D creation, to see how best to incorporate such software into the existing computer labs on campus.

If you are interested in more information about 3D video, you may contact ddi-3d@duke.edu. The resources page developed during 2011 is also still available to you.

In 2014-2015, DDI continues to research 3D video as consumer products evolve.