Let’s MOOV

by Zafir Choudhury, DDI student intern, Summer 2014

Today I want to tell you about a wearable technology called MOOV. Well, I know what you might be thinking: What is it? And what can it do for me? MOOV is your very own personal trainer. It is used mainly for exercising and working out. It aids the athlete (yes, you) in a variety of routine exercises. For example, it will provide you with the details of your run and helpful safety tips as well as pointers about how you can enhance your mid-day jog. The personal trainer makes itself one with your body as if it were your body responding back to you. It pushes you to go harder during the workout or to focus more on a specific technique. Wear it as a watch, wrist band, around your arm, or on your apparel. It is offered by Moov.co and you can pre-order it at this website:  http://preorder.moov.cc/

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