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Google Glass: Changing The Way We Live

Google Glass: Changing The Way We Live

By Eric Boykin, DDI student intern, Summer 2014

Wearable technology is becoming the tangible high tech movement of the future. Wearable technologies are a combination of computers and advanced computing technologies conveniently packaged in clothing and/or accessories. One wearable technology I found to be noteworthy is Google Glass. With all its highly technical features and capabilities, Google Glass, I propose, will be the proverbial answer to all things futuristic and practical.

Google Glass is a wearable computer that has a cubed shaped glass prism display just above the right eye that displays information from the Internet. Its 640×360 resolution can display the current time and anything else you command or set to display in your field of vision. It has a built-in camera that can capture pictures and videos of anything going on around you with voice commands beginning with, “Okay Glass…” (i.e. Okay Glass, take a picture/record video). In turn, the picture or video can be uploaded to any social media site (facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc) instantaneously. Appointment information, flight information and/or meeting reminders will automatically appear on the display via Google Now reminders. Weather was provided for the departure and arrival cities with the instinctive application. Voice commands are not the only way to control/use this intuitive piece of equipment. Glass can be controlled by hand gestures – a series of taps and swipes – along-side the Glass device. Glass allows you to perform almost any function you can think of via approved apps located within the MyGlass app or website.

Glass can be obtained one of two ways: 1) shipping to your location or 2) picking it up from one of the Google offices in the country. There you can schedule an orientation and fitting for your instinctual device. Glass can be used with your prescription glasses or sunglasses as well. You will learn to connect Google Glass to your phone using the MyGlass application, which allows a quick way to add contacts, applications, WiFi networks, and display your Google Glass display on your smartphone. Glass utilizes most cell phone platforms – including but not limited to iPhone, Windows, and of course Android – some features such as SMS messaging, turn-by-turn directions, and the calendar app may not operate due to limitations on the operating system.  All is not lost, using the MyGlass website (www.google.com/myglass) allows you to add the same information without using the MyGlass app for your phone. Streaming music, storing data (photos, videos, music, etc.) can be done on Glass just like your smartphone. To download/upload these files, use the micro-USB port and it will mount to your computer as a folder or drive just like your smartphone.

Glass currently retails at $1,500 and should only be purchased through Google or any authorized Google dealer. Yes, this is a rather expensive piece of eyewear, but think of it as a miniature computer or smartphone worn on your face. Though I foresee the price becoming more affordable as time progresses, I believe it is worth the investment. As technology becomes more and more integrated in our everyday lives, we will see the way we communicate, interact, and even create memories change before our very eyes.

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